Iyengar Yoga - An At Home Practice

Iyengar Yoga - An At Home Practice, is a practice Book & Audio CD of an archived yoga class originally taught by Geeta Iyengar.  With Geeta’s written permission, this class, from Dec. 2007, has been transcribed and translated into a photo book and an Audio CD. 
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Iyengar Yoga - Übungs-Praxis für Zuhause

Es gibt auch eine deutsche Version des Buches,
Iyengar Yoga - An At Home Practice (Iyengar Yoga-Übungs-Praxis für Zuhause).
Sowohl die Audio CD als auch die Anleitung, wie Sie das Buch und die Audio CD
am Besten zusammen nutzen, um Ihre Praxis zu optimieren, sind auch auf Deutsch erhaeltlich .
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A Crack in the Mask

The Felt Sense Method A Humanistic Approach for Managing Incontinence
I wrote this book to share my experiences as a woman who has systematically learned to control her bladder after spending years suffering with incontinence, so that other women can learn the tools to regain control over their bladders and enjoy the feeling of independence that conscious control offers
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